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Motivational Art Prints

There is no reason why your home office should only be characterized by books, papers and gadgets. Taking the time to personalize your work space can have immense benefits for your state of mind. In particular, surrounding yourself with motivational art can fuel productivity and inspire you to achieve more. Decorating your home office walls with the beauty of art may transform your mood, and printed words of inspiration may transform your business! 

You may not be aware of it, but there is an enormous array of motivational art available. So, how do you find the perfect piece that complements your work space? Start by thinking about what you would like your office to say about you. For example, if you are the type of person who proudly maintains an organized and highly efficient office, you may want to choose a piece of motivational art that supports your belief in discipline or excellence. Motivational art prints come in a variety of designs, but each has a unique message. Choose a message that says a lot about who you are and what you believe in. 

When John Taylor quit his job after 15 years of service, he was just a little apprehensive to say the least. He had enjoyed his role as account manager for a large advertising firm, and had acquired a great deal of knowledge and experience. Making the decision to leave his job was not an easy one, but John instinctively knew it was time to pursue his life long dream of starting his own small marketing firm. When John said his farewells, he received many good wishes and wonderful presents, but one gift stood out from the rest. It was a beautiful poster of a triumphant mountain climber standing atop a majestic mountain, and below were the words, "He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life". For John, the words rang true and soon the poster became the focal point of his new home office. During that first rocky year, whenever John felt unsure of his decision to leave a life of stability, he looked up to that poster and reminded himself of the necessity of having courage in life.

If you are just moving into your new home office space, or if it is high time that you redecorate your existing one, consider the addition of motivational posters. The variety of posters available guarantees that you will find one that speaks to you. Embellish your office with a stunning image and change your mentality with words of inspiration. 
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To Thine Own Self Be True

We have looked before on the concept of self-love and I would like to take the time into look into this in more depth.

If you remember, we said that AGAPE love was an unconditional love and that we needed to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Let us look more closely at why we have so much difficulty in the area of loving and accepting ourselves. We will start by looking at two very basic questions.

1.)Why do we have so much difficulty loving ourselves without question? 
2.)Why do we feel we need the approval of others to validate our worthiness?

These are big questions and the basis of our non-acceptance of ourselves. We were not born with a negative self image of ourselves, in fact, we were not even aware that we needed the approval of others. Acceptance of ourselves as individuals was a learning experience from those significant others who were around us. Some people were lucky and had a loving and encouraging environment, while others, sadly, grew up with condemnation and disapproval. 

Because of disapproval that may have been experienced in our childhood years, many of us grew up with the generalization that "Since they did not accept me, I am unacceptable." Through the repetition of key incidents in our lives we learnt to have a negative view of ourselves. The problem arises when we fail to realize that these were childhood events. We still see them retrospectively through the eyes of our inner-child. We must learn to stand back and put them in a different perspective. 

As adults we may now realize that those who hurt us with their disapproval and criticism were acting in the only way that they knew how to act. Many did not realize the extent of injury that was caused to our psyche. It is up to us now to rid ourselves of these self-sabotaging thoughts about ourselves and face reality. We have two choices. We can either accept what was said about us and live with self-recrimination or we can choose to forgive those who said hurtful, un-accepting things to us and rethink the situation.

Face it, we were not all perfect children and we are not perfect as adults either. All people can never be all good or all bad. We have to come to the realization that we are human. We need to accept ourselves the way we are. That means accepting the bad along with the good. We all make mistakes, we all have weaknesses. This doesn't mean that we stop trying to improve ourselves, but we must stop condemning ourselves.

We also must become aware of the things we want to change about ourselves because WE as individuals want improvement in these areas, not because we feel that others want us to change. Accepting a situation is the first step to achieving power over it. We can not live our lives for the acceptance of others. We need to live our lives honestly and freely.

Take the time to listen to your inner voice and find out who YOU really are. You are an individual and you don't need to conform to what the world around you wants you to be. You need to discover who YOU really are and then gather the courage to let the real you be you. You have the power to be your own person.

Let us stop putting on masks to represent the people we think others want to see. Don't feel you have to seek their approval. Take time to learn who you are and then let the real you shine through. You are a beautiful person just the way you are and are worthy of love. Learn to love yourself and you will see the world around you change for the better. 
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Self-improvement at Success University

Almost everyone is striving to improve some facet of our lives whether it is our image, spirituality, financial status, health or just our self-respect. Billions of dollars each year are spent on weight control, stress management, health and wellness products, self-improvement resources, you name it. Over $8.5 billion a year and growing to be more explicit.

We constantly strive for more, or better. It is our desire to succeed that drives us. 
There are Books, CD's, AudioCassettes, Infomercials, Seminars, even personal coaches. And how 'bout the hundreds and hundreds of motivational speakers. All, to help us achieve our goal to succeed. Whether we are striving to lose weight, get more exercise, improve our relationships or business skills, reduce stress or gain financial independence, there is some one or some thing out there to help us.

Another venue for self-improvement is the Internet. Many web sites are available to offer articles and self help guides. But, I would like to bring your attention to Success University. At SU, they have assembled over 50 of the most amazing minds on the planet who collectively have helped millions of people achieve astounding levels of success. Success University now brings you the most advanced online courses on SUCCESS ever assembled. You will soon discover the secret attitudes, techniques, methods and strategies that, when you learn, will skyrocket your success in virtually every area of your life. 

Success University is also growing in momentum. Their "earn while you learn" program is unheard of in today's self-improvement market. Offering courses in Personal Development, Leadership, Motivation and Financial disciplines just to name a few. Success University also offers a 14-day free trial program, although they do request a $2 donation to "Feed the Children."

All in all, I believe that Success University is the best value. A free trial period, content, expert advice, and you can even make money while enrolled. 

Wishing you well and much success,

Ray Skeen
The HomeBizVenture
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A Starter Guide To Self Improvement

Staying calm, composed and maintaining strong self esteem in today's tough environment can be difficult but is not impossible if you follow a few simple guidelines. Here are 6 tips you can use as a starter guide to self improvement.

Everything and everyone else around you can affect your self esteem. Other people can deliberately or inadvertently damage your self image. Unchecked people and circumstances can ultimately destroy your self esteem and pull you down in ways you won't even notice. Don't let these influences get the best of you. But what should you avoid?

1 : A Negative Work Environment

Beware of a "dog eat dog" environment where everyone else is fighting just to get ahead. This is where non-appreciative people usually thrive and working extra is expected and not rewarded. In this environment no one will appreciate your contributions even if you miss lunch, dinner, and stay at work late into the night. Unless you are very fortunate most of the time you will work too hard with no help from others around you. This type of atmosphere will ruin your self esteem. This is not just healthy competition, at its worst it is brutal and very damaging. 

2: Other Peoples Behaviour

Bulldozers, brown nosers, gossipmongers, whiners, backstabbers, snipers, people walking wounded, controllers, naggers, complainers, exploders, patronizers, sluffers - whatever you want to call them, all have one thing in common - an overriding desire to prosper at the expense of others. Avoid them and do not be tempted to join them. They may get some short term advantage with their behaviour but deep down most are very insecure, unhappy and ashamed of their behaviour. For most their self esteem disappeared a long time ago. Seeing someone like this prosper is sickening but do not join them - you are better than that!

3: A Changing Environment

In today's fast moving society it is difficult if not impossible to avoid change. Changes challenge our paradigms and tests our flexibility, adaptability and alter the way we think. Changes can make your life difficult and may cause stress but, if it's inevitable, you must accept it, don't fight it and in time find ways to improve your life. Try to manage change and try to avoid multiple changes at the same time. If a particular change can't be avoided welcome it. Change will be with us forever, we must learn to live with it.

4: Past Experience

We all carry "baggage" - past experiences which have moulded us to who we are today, but some people live in their past experiences - usually something that hurt and still hurts. It's okay to cry out when you experience pain but don't let pain dominate your life as it will transform itself into fears and phobias. If something painful happens, or has happened to you, find a way to minimise the effects. Discuss it with a friend, a family member or a professional if necessary and move on. Don't let it continue to dominate your life and dictate your future actions. Because something bad has happened doesn't mean it will happen again. Learn what you can from any bad experience and move on.

5: Negative World View

The television news is full of doom and gloom and it is true that around the world there are many people suffering war, famine or other natural or man-made disasters. Whilst I do not suggest you should not care and do nothing, remember that there are many beautiful positive things happening too. Don't wrap yourself up with all the negative aspects around the world. Learn to look for beauty too for, in building self esteem, we must learn how to be positive in a negative world.

6: Determination Theory

Are we a product of our biological inherited characteristics (nature) or a result of the influences we absorb throughout out lives (nurture)? I believe how we are is due to a mixture of both nurture and nature and as a result our behavioural traits are not fixed. Whilst it is true that some things are dictated by genetics (for example race, color and many inherited conditions) your environment and the people in your life have a major effect on your behaviour. You are your own person, you have your own identity and make your own choices. The characteristics your mother or father display are not your destiny. Learn from other people's experience, so you don't suffer the same mistakes.

Are some people are born leaders or positive thinkers? I don't believe so. Being positive, and staying positive is a choice. Building self esteem and drawing on positive experiences for self improvement is a choice, not a rule or a talent. No-one will come to you and give you permission to build your self esteem and improve your self. It is in your control.

It can be hard to keep positive, especially when others and circumstances seem to be conspiring to pull you down. You need to protect yourself and give yourself a chance to stay positive. Improving your self esteem gives you that protection.

One way to stay positive is to minimise your exposure to harmful influences while using affirmations to boost the positive influences in your life. Constantly reminding yourself of the good things in your life will keep the impact of negative influences to a minimum. 
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6 Ways To Get Your Ex-Back In 3 Days

We make relationships to enjoy life. Even it 
perhaps a lot of sacrifices to keep a 
relationship and to make it work, many of us 
prefer to make these sacrifices just to have near 
the person we love and like to spend time with. 

Sometimes it happens that a relationship ends 
even that there is still love between the 
partners. This happens when one of the partners 
makes some regular mistakes and has a bad 
behavior towards the other. But usually the one 
who is guilty for ending the relationship are men 
who figures out too late how much it cares about 
the other and wants to change only after lose her. 

There is nothing worst that being dumped by the 
one you love and believed was "the one". Trying 
to get a woman back in to your life is difficult. 
If you lost your true love because of you and 
really want to get her back, don't desperate. 
Your situation is not necessarily hopeless. 

At some point in life, we all lose something that 
we really wish we held on to - in this case, you 
lost your love and you need to get your ex back. 
Getting back together with your lost love is not 
about "getting" them back or even relationship 
repair. It's about wining them back. Winning them 
back implies a few important things semantically. 
It implies effort from your part. 

First off all call her and tell her that you 
really want to see her. If she wants to take 
lunch with you make it so your ex notice that you 
are changed, that you thought about why did she 
leave you and she had right because there are 
many reasons why she left. Apologize sincerely. 

If she doesn't want to talk to you by not picking 
up the phone when you call her, just surprise her 
by waiting in front of the office where she works.

and offer to walk her home when her program in
over. But before assure that she is not having a
boyfriend yet, because it might happen that
someone else is waiting for her so your chance is

Act like you just starting dating, make her feel
special. Be honest, and tell her that you still
love her. Use the past to your advantage and let
her know that anyone deserves a second chance,
that things will be different now. Do not stalk
her; she might think that you are very desperate.
Just tell her that you are ready to make your
relationship a priority in your life.

If you can get a date with her, be positive,
laugh and smile. Make her feel good. Subtly touch
her when she's talking. You must raise the level
of attraction between the two of you, if she
still loves you; you know that she has a weakness
towards you.

If she didn't fall into your arms after your date
don't give up. Call her often and just tell her
how you feel. Also you can make something special
for her, like sending flowers and buy her gifts.
Don't forget about anniversary and birthday.

E-mail her and let her know that you are
available any time if she wants to have a date
with you. Also assure her that you don't frequent
another girls and she is the most important for

Be yourself, show her that you don't play games
and your intentions are very serious. Also, don't
be jealous if she had a date with another guy if
she is now ready to get back with you and
renounce to the other guy.

With this ways, a little luck and your personal
charm you can get your girlfriend back faster
than you think. 
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Planning for Success

Here are some general start-up tips for a successful home business.

The first tip is a word of caution. It's easy to think that because your home business can bypass the lease or construction aspects of starting a business, and the overhead costs of furnishing, maintenance, landscaping, utilities and so forth, that you can skip over some other processes to. That attitude, rather than heading someone down the road to a successful home business, could lead to financial business disaster.

An entrepreneurial spirit and a great idea are terrific assets for a successful home business. Other things are important too, however.

Market research and careful planning are of paramount important to the success of a home business, as they are for any business. A business plan is a must. It must include details on the products and services the firm will offer, the type of business equipment and the cost of it that will be needed in the coming five years. It should also include information on the competition in the designated market area. This information should include ways that the new home business will be successful in competing – how it is unique and how it is an improvement over what else is out there in the same industry.

A successful home business is one that is set up as the right legal entity. One of the first things new home based entrepreneurs should do is learn the legal consequences and liabilities of the various business types, as well as the tax consequences of each. A home business might be more successful as a partnership than sole proprietorship, for example, if additional cash flow is needed, or the entrepreneur is deficient in a crucial home business skill such as advertising, marketing or accounting, for example. An accountant can advise on the various options such as limited liability corporations, S corporations, standard corporations, limited partnerships and so forth.

Unless a successful home business is going to include walk in customers homeowner's or renters insurance should provide adequate financial protection against theft or natural disaster. Of course, as equipment and furnishings are added, the insurance would need to increase. If clients were to come to the home office location, liability insurance would protect the firm from the financial devastating situation of customer injury.

A successful home business is one that is well planned and well funded. There is no such thing as too much preparation. 

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Success Stories-Reliving The Past Helps You Build The Future

One of the exercises that I have many clients do is list out all the successes they've had in life. I ask them to start with early childhood and list everything they can remember being successful at. One of my clients recently gave the assignment to his girlfriend. She asked me afterwards what the point was. She hadn't found it very useful.

What I told her is that that I've found that this exercise serves two important services. First, it's a self esteem booster. Most people don't realize how many successes they've had in their lives until they write them down. Some express surprise and sometimes some modesty when sharing their successes. I'd recommend this exercise just for this boost alone, but the second reason for doing this is even more valuable. Success leaves clues behind.

When I ask a client to list their successes, it's usually because they are stuck in some area of their business. They've tried several strategies to get unstuck and nothing has worked. When we take some of their major successes and analyze them, we find patterns. I ask them how they accomplished major tasks. What methodology did they use? 

What we typically find is that they have a natural success style. For some people this is setting a goal and creating a detailed plan to meet that goal. For others it's just jumping in and doing whatever it takes to make it work. Others might just go with the flow and do what appears easy or exciting. One client set a small goal and met it. Then he set higher and higher goals meeting each one before he moved on to the next. It ended with four consecutive world championships. 

So if you are finding yourself stuck in trying to accomplish a task in your business, stop right now and list out your successes. Start from being born-it's not easy to get out and start breathing. Move through your entire life and write down every success you can remember. You might have things like starring in a school play, completing a century on your bicycle, getting an A in a difficult subject. Make sure you cover graduations, college degrees, advanced trainings. Don't limit it to just work related or school related successes. Make sure you include the things you most enjoyed succeeding at.

Once you have the list, go through and pick two or three major ones and analyze them. What did you do to succeed? How did you feel? Were you afraid beforehand? If you were, how did you cope with or minimize the fear? Did you do a lot of planning? Did you jump right in? Were you alone or did you have help? Find the reasons you succeeded.

Now look for a pattern. I did this recently because I was really struggling to get my business going strongly. The exercise revealed that many of my successes came when I had a structured environment with a lot of creative activities. I realized that I needed more structure in my business. I had plenty of creative time. So I found a friend that I can do weekly check-ins with that holds me accountable for my actions. Each week I share with him my goals or homework for the next week. Then when we meet I share how well I met the goal. This is making a huge difference in the success of my business. Try mapping your past successes and watch as it makes a huge difference in your current success. 
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Increasing Prosperity With Positive Thinking

Increasing prosperity in our lives can be accomplished by having the right frame of mind. The truth is, our thoughts are very powerful. They are capable of influencing every aspect of our daily lives, from our physical health to our social behaviors. I'm sure you've heard the adage, "As you think, so shall you be."

If we want to improve our lives, we must first improve our thoughts. Harnessing the power of thought in a positive way has the ability to create great change in our lives, including our financial well-being and prosperity. But how? How do we take something as intangible as thoughts, and manifest them into a physical reality?

We must first understand that being prosperous is more than having a lot of money. Prosperity is a mindset, a way of interacting in our lives, and a way of thinking. Mastering this train of thought is not easy, but it is simple enough if we keep working on it consistently.

Following are some ideas to help you improve your thoughts, and ultimately attract more prosperity into your life:

Be grateful for the blessings in your life right now. Take a few minutes each day to express heartfelt gratitude for the good things in your life. Even more powerful, write a few of these blessings down each day. This helps to put your focus in the right direction -- on abundance, not lack.

Use positive affirmations to begin training yourself to think positively. Use "I am" statements such as "I am worthy of all that is good." Write the statements down and repeat them nightly before bed. Over time, this will implant these thoughts into your subconscious mind, and you will begin to naturally believe them.

Creative visualization can help you achieve prosperity by determining what it is you wish to achieve, and then thoroughly creating that image in your mind. This works in the same way affirmations do. Our subconscious will fill with images of prosperity, and eventually these subconscious "truths" will manifest in the physical. "See" yourself as being prosperous, and you will become so.

Encourage yourself with the belief that you can achieve great things. This could also be one of your affirmations, but expand on it. If you know you can earn a certain salary, tell yourself you can earn more. Allow yourself to believe all things are possible, and you will gain the confidence needed to reach higher than you ever imagined you could. If you believe you can do it, you are more likely to take the risks associated with people who are highly successful. Prosperity and success go hand in hand, so take risks and aim higher.

Start a savings account. As strange as it sounds, think about this: Like Attracts Like. Even if you can only afford to put a few dollars into your account every month, it will begin to build up and attract more money.

Finally, believe you are already wealthy. The creative ability of our thoughts is such that we lend more power and energy to whatever we consistently focus on. Focusing on lack will create more lack. Focusing on wealth and prosperity will create . . . guess what?

Remember that this is a process. You likely won't change your circumstances in one day. But over time, with consistent focus, your thoughts will begin to attract what you want. Once you master this power of thought, there are truly no limits to what you can create! 
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How To Forget The Past Relationship

The past that refuses to go away casts its shadow very long into the present and the future. Many of us have had break ups in the past and now desire to go forward . Something destroys every new relationship. What is that? Because if you find that your every new relationship is breaking apart, you will start searching for faults in yourself. The truth may lie somewhere else.

What happens after a break up?

This depends largely upon the intensity of the earlier relationship. More intense the love, more hurt will result afterthe break up. And if your break up took place because of unfaithfulness of your partner, it will hurt you still more. The memories of time shared will haunt forever. A look at something shared will bring in an avalanche of past memories and will take away your peace in a moment. The past can be very destructive. It kills the person, it kills the present and the future. It can haunt one forever.

How to come out of it?

There are no easy ways out of this. Some of us will never come out of the grief for our lifetime. One method that can help is this. Imagine a reservoir of emotions. Imagine of many reservoirs. In one, you have your longing for the one you lost. In another you store your memories of good times. In yet another you have stored pain that you are suffering from. In this manner imagine of many reservoirs. Till they are emptied, you will not become new. Am i right? What is to be done? Please empty them out. It will take time, in some cases many years, but you can empty them if you really want. Live through all your longing again and empty that reservoir. Similarly cry as much as you can and fell the hurt the lost love has given you. Experience everything fully, suffer from all the pain and try to empty out all that is in yourheart.

The past that refuses to go away casts its shadow very long into the present and the future. Many of us have had break ups in the past and now desire to go forward . Something destroys every new relationship. What is that? Because if you find that your every new relationship is breaking apart, you will start searching for faults in yourself. The truth may lie somewhere else.

What happens after a break up?

This depends largely upon the intensity of the earlier relationship. More intense the love, more hurt will result afterthe break up. And if your break up took place because of unfaithfulness of your partner, it will hurt you still more. The memories of time shared will haunt forever. A look at something shared will bring in an avalanche of past memories and will take away your peace in a moment. The past can be very destructive. It kills the person, it kills the present and the future. It can haunt one forever.

How to come out of it?

There are no easy ways out of this. Some of us will never come out of the grief for our lifetime. One method that can help is this. Imagine a reservoir of emotions. Imagine of many reservoirs. In one, you have your longing for the one you lost. In another you store your memories of good times. In yet another you have stored pain that you are suffering from. In this manner imagine of many reservoirs. Till they are emptied, you will not become new. Am i right? What is to be done? Please empty them out. It will take time, in some cases many years, but you can empty them if you really want. Live through all your longing again and empty that reservoir. Similarly cry as much as you can and fell the hurt the lost love has given you. Experience everything fully, suffer from all the pain and try to empty out all that is in yourheart.
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7 Ways To Improve Your Relationship

Good relationships don't just happen. I've heard many of my clients state that, "If I have to work at it, then it's not the right relationship." This is not a true statement, any more than it's true that you don't have to work at good physical health through exercise, eating well, and stress reduction.

I've discovered, in the 35 years that I've been counseling couples, 7 choices you can make that will not only improve your relationship, but can turn a failing relationship into a successful one.


This is the most important choice you can make to improve your relationship. This means that you learn how to take responsibility for your own feelings and needs. This means that instead of trying to get your partner to make you feel happy and secure, you learn how to do this for yourself through your own thoughts and actions. This means learning to treat yourself with kindness, caring, compassion, and acceptance instead of self-judgment. Self-judgment will always make you feel unhappy and insecure, no matter how wonderfully your partner is treating you.

For example, instead of getting angry at your partner for your feelings of abandonment when he or she is late, preoccupied and not listening to you, not turned on sexually, and so on, you would explore your own feelings of abandonment and discover how you might be abandoning yourself.

When you learn how to take full, 100% responsibility for yourself, then you stop blaming your partner for your upsets. Since blaming one's partner for one's own unhappiness is the number one cause of relationship problems, learning how to take loving care of yourself is vital to a good relationship.


Treat others the way you want to be treated. This is the essence of a truly spiritual life. We all yearn to be treated lovingly – with kindness, compassion, understanding, and acceptance. We need to treat ourselves this way, and we need to treat our partner and others this way. Relationships flourish when both people treat each other with kindness. While there are no guarantees, often treating another with kindness brings kindness in return. If your partner is consistently angry, judgmental, uncaring and unkind, then you need to focus on what would be loving to yourself rather than reverting to anger, blame, judgment, withdrawal, resistance, or compliance. Kindness to others does not mean sacrificing yourself. Always remember that taking responsibility for yourself rather than blaming others is the most important thing you can do. If you are consistently kind to yourself and your partner, and your partner is consistently angry, blaming, withdrawn and unavailable, then you either have to accept a distant relationship, or you need to leave the relationship. You cannot make your partner change – you can only change yourself.


When conflict occurs, you always have two choices regarding how to handle the conflict: you can open to learning about yourself and your partner and discover the deeper issues of the conflict, or you can try to win, or at least not lose, through some form of controlling behavior. We've all learning many overt and subtle ways of trying to control others into behaving the way we want: anger, blame, judgment, niceness, compliance, caretaking, resistance, withdrawal of love, explaining, teaching, defending, lying, denying, and so on. All the ways we try to control create even more conflict. Remembering to learn instead of control is a vital part of improving your relationship.

For example, most people have two major fears that become activated in relationships: the fear of abandonment – of losing the other - and the fear of engulfment – of losing oneself. When these fears get activated, most people immediately protect themselves against these fears with their controlling behavior. But if you chose to learn about your fears instead of attempt to control your partner, your fear would eventually heal. This is how we grow emotionally and spiritually – by learning instead of controlling.


When people first fall in love, they make time for each other. Then, especially after getting married, they get busy. Relationships need time to thrive. It is vitally important to set aside specific times to be together – to talk, play, make love. Intimacy cannot be maintained without time together.


Positive energy flows between two people when there is an "attitude of gratitude." Constant complaints creates a heavy, negative energy, which is not fun to be around. Practice being grateful for what you have rather than focusing on what you don't have. Complaints create stress, while gratitude creates inner peace, so gratitude creates not only emotional and relationship health, but physical health as well.


We all know that "work without play makes Jack a dull boy." Work without play makes for dull relationships as well. Relationships flourish when people laugh together, play together, and when humor is a part of everyday life. Stop taking everything so seriously and learn to see the funny side of life. Intimacy flourishes when there is lightness of being, not when everything is heavy.


A wonderful way of creating intimacy is to do service projects together. Giving to others fills the heart and creates deep satisfaction in the soul. Doing service moves you out of yourself and your own problems and supports a broader, more spiritual view of life.

If you and your partner agree to these 7 choices, you will be amazed at the improvement in your relationship! 
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Bringing More Money Into Your Life: A Short Review

Money, financial success, prosperity, abundance, all terms describing an area of life that is almost an obsession in modern society. It can also be of great concern to those pursuing self development, self actualization or various paths of self help. This article is to briefly touch on a few key points concerning this area of self development and hopefully give some direction to those wishing to pursue this further.

First of all, one of the characteristics of money relevant to today's article, is that money is a multiplier. In other words, whatever your current overall condition of being is, if you suddenly have more money that condition will be amplified. If you are generally happy and handling your life in a positive manner, more money will help you in that direction. If you are unhappy, neurotic or otherwise dysfunctional, more money will also help you in that direction. This is why there are happy, well adjusted "poor" people and also the cliché of the miserable rich person. Which person is really "rich' or "poor"? As the popular music group the Beatles sang "Can't Buy Me Love"…. This shows us that the environment we create from what is inside us is a more powerful creator of our condition of reality than money!

Many of us are concerned about the lack of money. What can we say about this popular topic? Those who are working on dealing with this issue may want to check as to whether they have ever asked to specifically improve their financial condition. Who or what to ask are beyond the scope of this article, but the point needs to be noted.

Another area regarding the lack of money can be described as "abundance blockers". It is not uncommon for a person to be double minded about money issues. While they consciously profess a desire to improve their financial condition, a part of the person, usually subconsciously, works against that desire. Financial success may be associated with such negatives as excessive work, less family time, more responsibility, shallowness, lack of spirituality, or hurting the people around you. Attitudes expressed by family members about finances, that you may not even agree with, may be unconsciously influencing your behavior with little awareness on your part. Various techniques to identify and remove such blockages can be sought out by the individual wishing to advance in this area or others. Some individuals can identify a life cycle that they have repeated multiple times. A typical cycle involves an individual advancing financially or other ways and then suddenly falling back to prior levels due to unconscious blockages or scripts they are acting out.
Another aspect of this subject to be aware of is the idea of "financial freedom". Better finances are supposed to give you more freedom in life. Perhaps more freedom is not best for you at this time. Perhaps a lesser degree of freedom would help you to develop considerably beyond where you would be if you had financial freedom now. Something else to consider…
This article has attempted to reveal and review some of the relevant issues involved in bringing more money into your life and improving your finances. For a more comprehensive treatment of this self development topic and many more, see our FREE ebook "Manifesting Mindset" as described below
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Mind over matter, you are what you believe

If you could be anything and do anything, who would you be and what would you do?

Most people do not recognize the power available to them in their own mind. Winston Churchill once said: "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference."

He should know. After all, he led his country against all odds tofight off a bitter enemy and eventually (with a little help from friends) snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Where would the world be today if Churchill had not let his nation to challenge Hitler and believed, contrary to all evidence, they could succeed in that battle?

Nothing is no more powerful than what we believe. If we believe that we can achieve then we can. If we believe that we are doomed to failure then we will.

Sometimes enacting a change in our lives is as simple as changing our attitude.

Think about this quote from Katherine Mansfield: "Could we change our attitude, we should not only see life differently, but life itself would come to be different."

That is a very powerful message but you have to really bring it to heart.

In many ways it is the perfect pitch because the explanation for any failure on your part is simply that you did not believe enough, but I don't think, if you really do believe and embrace this attitude, that you can't possibly fail.

If you change your attitude it will change your life. I know it. I live it. I see it every day. You know in your gut it is true.

If you have changed your attitude and your life then even if you do not achieve the goal you started with then I don't think it is possible to consider yourself a failure

Words are power. Attitude is power. Combine the two and you have power magnified many times over. If you can harness that power to serve your purpose then nothing can stop you.

Too often we waste that power on negative rather than postive actions. We complain about our situation, job, relationships, traffic and the weather. We complain that we are sick and tired and just plain stuck.

What is stuck is our attitude. What is stuck is a thought in our minds that we cannot change anything about our lives when the truth is that we have the power to change everything about our lives. We don't have to work in that job, stay in that relationship, drive in that traffic, or live in that weather zone. These are all choices we make -- and even more important we choose how we react to those conditions.

As the trite old saying goes, "when life gives you lemons make lemonade". Your attitude determines everything about you and your life. If you choose to be angry and frustrated by your life then your anger and frustration will only continue to grow, but if you choose to become proactive rather than reactive, if you choose to have a different attitude then you can become the person you want and you can lead the life that you want.

But you have to believe. It really can be as simple as mind over matter, but you have to believe in the power of your mind. 
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