Minggu, 30 Januari 2011

Dream Interpretation - Common Symbols And Their Meanings

Dream interpretation has many forms; it can be done be done for the sake of fun, hobby or can be taken up as a serious career. Psychologists and therapists are already incorporating dream interpretation into their practice. They find it as a very useful tool to gain access to hidden desires and deep-rooted personality issues of a dreamer.
Symbols and objects frequently encountered in dream state facilitate dream interpretation.
Here is a summary for ready reference.
1. Dreaming of Colors:
· Red – symbolizes either passion or anger.
· Pink – denotes healing power of love.
· Black – symbolizes fear of death or aging.
· Grey - symbolizes confusion or fear.
· White – signifies fear of death or new surroundings.
· Green - symbolizes healing.
· Blue – stands for sadness.
· Yellow - symbolizes peace, calm and hope.
2. Dream about numbers: Dream interpretation has helped in assigning meaning to some numbers.
· One - stands for unity.
· Two - symbolizes equality, spiritual or gender balance.
· Three - stands for unity, harmony or spiritual fulfillment.
· Five - stands for a change both in positive or negative context.
Likewise, dream interpretation for remaining numbers needs to be evolved on your own experiences.

3. Dreaming of a baby or a pregnancy: Dream interpretation of such dreams often points to new experiences in life.4. Dreaming about various other objects:
· Accident - represents fear of physical or mental break down.
· Awakening - symbolizes openness to new ideas or experiences.
· Brother - signifies betterment or strained relationship. 
· Climbing - stands for attaining new mental, spiritual or physical goals.
· Desert - dreaming of a desert or being lost in desert stands for loneliness.
· Door - symbolizes better opportunity. If you are afraid of opening a door in the dream, it means that you are afraid of new challenges or trying on new things.
· Eating – stands for nourishment or need to be taken care of.
· Falling - means loss of control or being unable to maintain position in life.
· Jumping - stands for achieving higher goals.
· Ladder – symbolizes growth.
· Military - denotes desire for authority.
· Rain - represents depression.
Thus, you can now see how dream interpretation becomes even more fascinating by analyzing the symbols.